Testimonials from Prison Work*

Yoga School of Kailua, Inc. (YSK)

The following are letters from Yoga students inside--all males. "Guru" means teacher, one who shines a light. And "enlightenment" means to shine the light upon--the soul, the body, the mind. "Discipline" comes from the word disciple which means, "to learn."

My Guru,

I thank you from the heart, with every fiber of my being for what you have taught me, through Yoga. As a guide, you presented me to a door, that leads to a path of Spiritual, physical, and mental enlightenment.

Lu, you did not hold the door open for me, yet through discipline I developed a desire, a devotion to learn. Through the Yoga teachings you've taught me, I've been strengthened to overcome many of the negative psychological trauma, in my life, so I opened the door myself, and there you are; in the form of your teachings, a guide to the wisdom of the universe, that will help me to open many doors on this journey through life, and beyond. What is so exciting, is, its only the beginning.

This last year I've faced physical challenges, court appearances, and personal relationship situations. Today, I am secure, I've held it together by strengthening myself with Yoga, meditation, and prayer.

I've come out of these challenges stronger, wiser, and most of all grateful.

Thank you Lu, God bless.

I am writing to you in regards to Louisa the Yoga teacher. I was suffering from some serious lower back pain whereas I had pain in my lower back running down my legs and giving me some pain in my knees and Louisa showed and did an exercise with me that not only relieved my back pain, it also relieved the pain in my knees. I have tried a lot of things to relieve my pain since the day of my auto accident in 2001 to no avail, yet the exercise that Louisa has taught me has been working and I believe that she will be able to help a lot of men through Yoga teachings.

To Whom It May Concern:

This note is to inform you of the benefits received from the Yoga classes at Halawa correctional Facility. The classes under the tutelage of Ms. Louisa DiGrazia have allowed me to become a person of universal recognition, not universally recognized, and one that can daily help me to understand the oneness of humanity. The many facets of the human experience depends on the virtues we develop through conscience awareness of disciplines like Yoga. Away from the constant din of the zoo-like atmosphere of the caged and keepers of the cage, I remember what it is to be human again. To know what a danger it is to lose compassion for the 'enemy.' Since I also have a fatal diagnosis Yoga allows me to calm my fears of death and know that life is part of death. Just as change in physical position is a 'death' of where it was, a change toward spiritual advancement is merely another death toward living better.

The other radiant results of Yoga here at H.C.F. [Halawa Correctional Facility], are really too numerous to pen here. Know this, these classes are a real boon to rehabilitative justice.

Sincerely, name withheld

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