Yoga School of Kailua

Healing the World Through Peaceful Communication,Cooperation and Well-Being

Louisa (Lu) DiGrazia, Director
(808) 292-YOGA (9642)

Our basic philosophy:

reach.jpg Yoga is a practice, art form, and tool to raise awareness. It is a part of the movement to help in the fundamental transformation of human consciousness. This begins with the individual and moves outwardly. This conscious transformation is moving toward the recovery of right-relationships and the restoration of our vital link with nature; the ending of wars outward and inward; of continuing to apply social justice to all of our considerations of law and personal policy; recognizing the importance to end prejudice of all kinds; and healing ourselves and our Earth.

The following are qualities of the Yoga School of Kailua (YSK):

reach2.jpg This may seem like a disciplined regime. It is, certainly. Discipline, from disciple, means to learn, to comprehend, to take apart completely, and to hold. The words above, that you have just read are not complete, only a starting point. Take it seriously but not too seriously. This work is full of paradox. You will learn all about this. It will also be the most fun and most gratifying experience of your life.

As we begin the 21st century, it will be apparent that the work we are doing will be fundamental in helping to save people from poverty of the spirit, which is a rapidly growing dis-order in communication/industrial society. This dis-order is affecting the health and well-being of all species on this small planet. Good planets are hard to find. We must share in the care of this one. Remember, too, there is a universal exponential movement in spirit, of which you will be a part, and are probably already a part. Cherish this thought.

Also, of equal importance is our recognition and healing of the continuing move by humans away from Nature. We are Nature and Nature is us. There is no separation. Your role is essential to personal healing, well-being, and peace of the planet we share as our spiritual home. This applies to all of our relationships. Our human trend is toward an Earthnocentricity---Earth-human-centeredness---we forget we are a part of a vast unthinkable universe and we just dwell "down here," forgetting our link with the rest. Wake up. We are the future inhabitants of a consciousness aware of its place in the universe. Remember, "if it ain't fun, better left undone."

Louisa DiGrazia, Director
* Yoga School of Kailua *

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Yoga School of Kailua
(808) 292-YOGA (9642)