The Yoga School of Kailua's teaching philosophy can best be summed up with the wise poetic words of a sister Yoga school in Berkeley, "Yoga to the People":

There will be no correct clothes
There will be no proper payment
There will be no right answers
No glorified teachers
No ego, no script, no pedestals
Yoga is for everyone
This sweating and breathing and becoming
This knowing, glowing feeling
Is for the big, small, weak and strong
Able and crazy
Brothers, sisters, grandmothers, every-body [including our inmates]
The mighty and meek
For our bones that creak
Those who seek this power, Yoga is for everyone.
Yoga to the People!
All bodies rise!

Yoga School of Kailua, Inc.
Yoga Therapy Center Hawai'i©;
Trauma, Anxiety, Stress Healing

Deep Release of Anxiety, Trauma & Stress through Yoga Practice
Breath, Meditation, Asana, & Pranayama Practice, and the other 6 Limbs of Yoga,

Yoga Therapy is not psychological therapy--it is a healing modality through the ancient practice of Yoga.

A non-profit corporation


Hawai'i Yoga Prison Project (HYPP)

Our Mottos are:

Healing the World Through Peaceful Communication, Cooperation and Well-Being, and

Teaching Teachers and Students as Leaders For A Peaceful World

We are available for telephone consultations, advice, questions, support
or individual and/or small private classes on Oahu, Hawai'i.

Yoga School of Kailua is a satellite school of the International Yoga College
and a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training school.

RYS 500     IYC     RYS 200

Louisa (Lu) DiGrazia, E-R.Y.T.-500, Director of Education
Tom DiGrazia, E-R.Y.T.-500, Business Manager
Brandon Page, 200-RYT, Teacher Training Coordinator (808-561-4757)


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